To the general public and the members of the music industries, please be advised that it is forbidden to use the name of Nemours Jean-Baptiste, or include his name or/and picture in all motive/logo/leaflet and reproduce in whole or in part his musical work that bring lucrative endings without the formal approval of his legal representatives entrusted with:  his wife, Marie Felicité C. Olivier Jean-Baptiste, his daugther, Yvrose Jean-Baptiste and his son, Yves Nemours Jean-Baptiste, Jr. 

Consequently, all funds raising or initiatives that bring lucrative endings are not permitted, and are considered illegal and the violators will be pursued according to the law.

This notice is to warn people who, ignoring the existence of the people in charge of protecting the dignity, the reputation and the interests of Nemours Jean Baptiste of the creation of the rhythm “Compas Direct/Kompa/Konpa Dirèk”.

Anyone who is interested about the life and the work of Nemours Jean-Baptiste, is asking to visit our websites at,, or contact us:

Yvrose Jean-Baptiste, M.Ed. -                                  P.O. Box 1574     Valrico, FL   33595    
Phone and fax #:  813-436-0148,   917-536-2109

Email:  [email protected] 

The Creator of Compas Direct Kompa/Konpa Dirèk


Artists, music managers, record company executives, and publishers require mechanical licenses for use of music.

Those interested in obtaining a license for use of the music of  Nemours Jean-Baptiste  can contact: Yves N. Jean-Baptiste, Jr.,  Yvrose Jean-Baptiste, P.O. Box 1574 , Valrico, FL  33595. 

 Also, contact Harry Fox Agency, 601 West 26th Street, 5th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10001. 
William Krasilovsky - Lawyer
Phone #  212-682-8552
Marie Félicité C. Olivier Jean-Baptiste
Yves Nemours Jean-Baptiste, Jr., M.D.
Yvrose Jean-Baptiste, M.Ed.
ON GOOGLE     there is a    FRAUDULENT  Link.    
We are not associated with any Charitable Organization, the MUSIC SCHOOL - Ville De Port-Au-Prince, Ouest, HAITI.

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